teenie tiny things

I wanted to make myself a dollhouse when I was about 7 and started it from a big box that my roller skates came in. Even though I forced my brother to help me, it wasn’t completed and that was the closest thing I got to having a doll house as a kid. It was sort of a childhood dream come true when my daughter got a barbie dollhouse for Christmas.. the biggest dollhouse I’d ever seen. Some of Barbie’s itty bitty things are really so cute and I regress to my 7-year-old self whenever playing with my little babe..

When frankie mag featured a dollhouse that was made and decorated by some crafty lady, I couldn’t get over how sweet & adorable & cute everything was. If ever I decide to take that project up again, I’d want these things in it for sure…

miniature cameras!

a miniature mixing bowl of melted chocolate.. big enough to dip your pinkie in

an assortment of styles of miniature chairs. take your pick.

tiny tea


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